Look up your access code for Integrated Information and Communication System of Comenius University

This page lets you look up your access code into the Integrated Information and Communication System. This code is used for accessing the university WiFi network and other information sources.
Please enter your name and surname, date of birth (in the format DD.MM.YYYY), your student or employee ID Card number, and ISIC/ITIC licence number (if you have one on your ID Card). All data must be entered identically to how they are printed on your ID Card. Then press the "Search" button.

Date of Birth
ID Card number(SNR)
ISIC or ITIC number

IDs issues from academic year 2011/2012:


Preukaz ISIC od roku 2011
Preukaz zamenstnanca od roku 2011



IDs issues until academic year 2010/2011 included:


Preukaz ISIC do roku 2011
Preukaz zamenstnanca do roku 2011