Resetting the password for Integrated Information and Communication System of Comenius University

This page is used to reset forgotten password to the Integrated Information and Communication System of Comenius University (slovak IIKS UK). This password is currently used to access the system for accomodation applications, etc.

Please enter your first and last name (without titles), date of birth (in the Day.Month.Year format), your employee or student card (ID) number, and ISIC or ITIC licence number, in case you own an ISIC or ITIC card. Enter all data, exactly as (they are) printed on your card.

Next, enter your mobile phone number you provided in the application to admission to Comenius University or in the system for accomodation applications. Then press the "Reset password" button. The system will compare the entered data with its database and if there is a match, will send you a newly generated password via SMS to the phone number you have provided. Login will also be displayed on this website.


  • Changing the password in this way is possible only once per semester.
  • Only numbers from Slovak mobile operators can be used.
  • Newly admitted students can use this service without a student card (leave the card number (SNR) and ISIC/ITIC licence number field blank).

Date of Birth
ID Card number(SNR)
ISIC or ITIC number
Cell phone number

Data placement scheme on the card is identical for all university-issued ID Cards.